Beat Woolies With YOUR Fuel Discount Offer

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We’ve had an amazing reaction from business owners to our “packaged Fuel Discount Promotion” – a “customer-attraction” incentive that suits just about ANY business-type – see

During this COVID-19 period, “price-discounting” by businesses has been rampant, a marketing strategy that’s simply NOT SUSTAINABLE for most.

We ran some Facebook ads last week & got smashed with biz owners wanting to replace their “price-discounting” tactics with a “value-add bonus” that actually takes peoples’ eyes OFF THE PRICE! (hallelujah!!)

Indeed, the “done-for-you” promotional package broke our own sales record for the number of clients signed up in a single week.

If you’re looking for a “client-drawcard” to bounce back fast from the virus situation & to distinguish yourself from your competitors, check out

Woolworths & Coles have made a fortune from using “fuel discounts” as a customer lure – NOW IT’S YOUR TURN.

And if you get in before your competitors, you can grab “postcode exclusivity” for your business-type – & therefore say goodbye to any other local competitors that’d want to rain on your parade!

The concept is really simple – instead of offering prospects a modest 10% discount (which would attract NO ONE), we show you HOW to turn that lousy discount into A JAW-DROPPING FUEL DISCOUNT of 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents per litre or more!

In other words – a juggernaut “AVALANCHE CUSTOMER DRAWCARD” that’s almost impossible for competitors to match.

Check it out before your competitors do – at

We’ve got all sorts of businesses running the concept – dentists, pool cleaners, mortgage brokers, white-goods retailers, mechanics, property advisors, pest control – the list goes on, as it suits almost every business.

And if you’re a little sceptical of whether “fuel discounts” are a powerful customer drawcard, just ask Woolies & Coles.

So if you’re looking for ways to build revenue fast, check it out at

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