Aussie Holiday Incentive – Now In Smaller Qtys

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You might recall you enquired about our customer-incentive Holiday Incentive Program back prior to the COVID-19 lockdowns.

And at the time, our minimum quantity was 50 Holidays at $97 each……NOW you can score this promo with a 30 Holiday quantity at

But only till 5pm tomorrow.

Two pieces of good news!

  1. We now have re-launched the “customer incentive”, given businesses are rebooting & looking for a “customer-attraction” stimulant.

    And we’ve focused on providing “Aussie Destinations” – given international travel might be some time off.

    So you can offer your prospects a 5 Day Aussie Family Holiday in return for buying from you – & the cost to you is just $97.
  2. We now have a limited amount of “30 Holiday Packages” – which means you can grab this sensational “customer drawcard” for 30 x $97 = $2,910.

This “smaller quantity” deal will be gone tomorrow, so it’s first in, best dressed – check it out now at

Let’s face it, WHAT do you think every single one of your prospective customers WANTS RIGHT NOW? 

Yep, after being cooped up for 3 months, they want to “ESCAPE ON A HOLIDAY!” 

So you won’t find a “more sought-after” Happy Meal Toy than this one!!!

And the concept is really simple………..they buy from you & you give them A FREE AUSSIE FAMILY HOLIDAY worth $1,000 to $1,500……….& the cost to you is just $97.

Check it out before your competitor does at

This “special offer” comes down at 5pm tomorrow.

If you have any questions, call me on 0401 062 868.

Or email me at


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Vic Company 450% Increase During COVID!

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Sounds miraculous perhaps, but it’s true – a Victorian regional Homewares business has smashed sales records with a 450% revenue increase in the last few months.

See for yourself – watch the following 23 sec video featuring comments from an ecstatic owner.

All accomplished due to our Holiday Incentive Promotion…….we’re talking about sales records in the middle of Victoria’s lockdowns……..yep, INSANE!

Just goes to show how a FREE HOLIDAY OFFER can help any business “bounce-back” fast from COVID……regardless of what state you’re in.

Check it out at

Why does it work so FAST?

Because EVERYONE wants to “ESCAPE” from home at the moment – so of course a FREE HOLIDAY is going to be the absolute PERFECT INCENTIVE to offer your customers RIGHT NOW.

If it is responsible for breaking sales records in Victoria DURING A LOCKDOWN, imagine it’s impact in a few weeks when borders get opened!!

Again – check it out at

And if you’d like to learn of a “Special Offer” we have TODAY, give me a quick call on 0401 062 868 before the weekend hits.

But first, watch the following 23 sec video.


Don Milne

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Beat Woolies With YOUR Fuel Discount Offer

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We’ve had an amazing reaction from business owners to our “packaged Fuel Discount Promotion” – a “customer-attraction” incentive that suits just about ANY business-type – see

During this COVID-19 period, “price-discounting” by businesses has been rampant, a marketing strategy that’s simply NOT SUSTAINABLE for most.

We ran some Facebook ads last week & got smashed with biz owners wanting to replace their “price-discounting” tactics with a “value-add bonus” that actually takes peoples’ eyes OFF THE PRICE! (hallelujah!!)

Indeed, the “done-for-you” promotional package broke our own sales record for the number of clients signed up in a single week.

If you’re looking for a “client-drawcard” to bounce back fast from the virus situation & to distinguish yourself from your competitors, check out

Woolworths & Coles have made a fortune from using “fuel discounts” as a customer lure – NOW IT’S YOUR TURN.

And if you get in before your competitors, you can grab “postcode exclusivity” for your business-type – & therefore say goodbye to any other local competitors that’d want to rain on your parade!

The concept is really simple – instead of offering prospects a modest 10% discount (which would attract NO ONE), we show you HOW to turn that lousy discount into A JAW-DROPPING FUEL DISCOUNT of 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents per litre or more!

In other words – a juggernaut “AVALANCHE CUSTOMER DRAWCARD” that’s almost impossible for competitors to match.

Check it out before your competitors do – at

We’ve got all sorts of businesses running the concept – dentists, pool cleaners, mortgage brokers, white-goods retailers, mechanics, property advisors, pest control – the list goes on, as it suits almost every business.

And if you’re a little sceptical of whether “fuel discounts” are a powerful customer drawcard, just ask Woolies & Coles.

So if you’re looking for ways to build revenue fast, check it out at

John Dwyer

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