Holiday Promotion Now Includes Fiji, Vanuatu, Gold Coast & More!

Hi ,

You enquired about our incredible “Free Holiday” customer-attraction promotion a few weeks back.

At that time, we had 2 x Vacation Destinations available, Bali & Phuket.

Some exciting news – we’ve now added Fiji, Koh Samui, Vanuatu, the Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne & Brissie to the choice of destinations your clients can choose from!

Check out for all the details!

So what was already a fantastic “client incentive” – IS NOW EVEN MORE SUPER-CHARGED!

And there’s NO presentation that your customers need to attend when at the hotels – & no silly hoops they need to jump through.

THIS updated “NEW” version of the Holiday Promotion is straightforward & easy to understand…’ll see this when you visit the NEW website.


Last Friday we offered a “Special Black Friday Deal” – where purchasers of the 25 x Holidays Package got an extra 5 x Holidays for FREE.

In other words, when a business bought the minimum 25 x Holidays (to use as a rocket-fuelled incentive!), we added an EXTRA 5 x Holidays for FREE.

(ie: Pay for 25 Holidays & get 30!)

But we realised that we forgot to offer this DEAL to those who had already enquired about the “initial Bali/Phuket” version of the promotion.

Hence the reason for this email, as YOU were one of these enquirers.

Happy to give you the “Special Deal” of 5 x extra Holidays for FREE – it’s available till 5pm Qld time tomorrow (Tuesday 3 December).

So check out – you’ll see that this is a whole NEW website that NOW showcases the extra destinations for your promotion.

We’ve added a comprehensive FAQ’s page at – where I suspect any questions you might have will be answered via a Video Response.

Hope you can check out the NEW website & if you’re interested in running this “customer incentive”, just order online before 5pm Qld time tomorrow (Tuesday 3 December).


John Dwyer