Your digital “Vacation Accommodation Vouchers” are now ready to use

Hi ,

Thanks for investing in our incredible Fun Escapes Holiday Promotion.

We are excited to let you know that your digital “Vacation Accommodation Vouchers” are now ready to use.

We’ve created a “digital version” of your “Vacation Accommodation Vouchers” – to give you the “flexibility” of using these OR the “paper versions”.

Whatever quantity of Holidays you order from us, you’ll receive BOTH the “paper version” & the “digital version” in THAT quantity.

You can easily gain access to your Digital Accommodation Vouchers (PDF’s) in the following Google Drive folder:

All of your Vouchers will start with the same 3 letters which are “”.

This is done so that we can easily keep track of who claims your Vouchers, & this info is then used to build out a database of all your clients.

Your client database will be always accessible by you as a Google Sheet Document and will be kept up-to-date as each of your clients register their Vouchers online.

You can view this Google Sheet (Client Database) at the following link:

We have also produced a Google Sheet Document for you, which has a list of ALL your Booking Codes (one shown on every Voucher). This is the same Google Sheet that will be used to keep your up-to-date client database.

Within this Google Sheet, we encourage you to keep track of when you send/give out your Voucher. This will help you avoid sending out the same vouchers twice, via Print and/or Digital (PDF).

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. In Column A we have given you the ability to select from a drop-down menu if you have given this Voucher via Print or PDF.
  2. In Column B, you can type the date (DD/MM/YYYY) when you gave the Voucher away.
  3. Now you’re done!
    This is where the automation starts – see explanation following.

You can view your Google Sheet here:


We have also set up an automated system that will hopefully help you avoid sending out the same vouchers twice, via Print and/or Digital (PDF).

When you update Column A in your Google Sheet with your delivery method (Print or PDF), we will automatically move the PDF version of that Voucher to a folder titled “USED”.

You can see this “USED” folder within your Google Drive folder at the following link.

So, all you need to do is make sure you keep your Google Sheet up to date so that you DON’T send out the same Voucher twice.

If however, you forget to keep it up to date, when your customer registers their Accommodation Voucher online, we’ll automatically move this Voucher to the “USED” folder (if it is not already there) as a backup system.


When sending a Digital Voucher (PDF), we recommend only downloading one Voucher at a time, the exact Voucher you’re intending to send.

Additionally, if using the Digital (PDF) version, PLEASE dispose of the duplicate Print version at the same time as it has now become redundant.

Please note that each BOOKING CODE (one shown on every Voucher) can only be used once.


When using a Printed Voucher always remember to update your Google Sheet as this will automatically remove the duplicate Digital (PDF) version for you.

We have tried to set up this Google Drive and Google Sheet system as simple as possible, so you can keep track of the “Vacation Accommodation Vouchers” you have given away – & also to be able to see exactly who has redeemed each Voucher.

If you have any questions about using either the Google Drive or Google Sheet, please email us at


The Team @ Fun Escapes