Print-Ready Vacation Accommodation Voucher File

Hi ,

Congratulations again for investing in our exciting Fun Escapes Holiday Promotion.

We know that you’re probably itching to get started, so we’ve separately emailed the PDF’s of your quantity of Accommodation Vouchers – so you can “email” any of these to your customers.

Alternatively, you might prefer to give your customers/clients a “printed version” of your Accommodation Vouchers.

Therefore, we have also created a “print-ready” PDF File which most digital printers can use – so they can print your A4 size Vouchers for you if you’d prefer to hand out “printed versions”.

The likes of Snap Printing & Kwik Copy can usually print such A4 Vouchers within 48 hours.

You Can Find The Print-Ready Files At The Following Google Drive Link:

You can either download the file and send it to your printer or just share this link with them. 

We have titled the files with today’s date and the quantity of Accommodation Vouchers, so that if you have more than one file, you know which one to give to the printer.

It is also recommended that you use a paper stock of at least 200 GSM so it has a little weight to it – adding to the “perceived value” of the Free Giveaway.

(We advise against printing on a light, flimsy stock like normal letterhead stock)

After all, your customers are getting a FREE HOLIDAY of considerable value – so we recommend your Accommodation Voucher be a thick paper stock to infer “prestige & value”. 

Please find here again the link to your Print-Ready files to you can simply share directly with your prefered local printer:

If you have any questions, please email

Again, congratulations on deciding to use this unique “customer attraction” promotion to boost sales for your business!


The Team @ Fun Escapes