“Drive-Away” Hols Attract Clients

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Ready to “hit the ground running” when the lockdown finishes in a couple of weeks?

Here’s some good news if you’d like to be ready to BOUNCE BACK fast!

You enquired a while back about our Holiday Incentive “client-attraction” promotion – so I figured you’d be interested in this!

We’ve now added LOTS of “NEW” drivable VICTORIAN destinations to the Free Holiday Offer – so you can give your clients a “Drive-Away Family Holiday” as a bonus for buying from you!

Check it out at https://funescapes.com.au/vic

With the Victorian “lockdown restrictions” being lifted in coming weeks, what do you think would be the HOTTEST POSSIBLE incentive you could offer anyone for buying from you?

Yep, a “Drive-Away Victorian Family Holiday!”

And all the hotels are 4 Star Tripadvisor rated.

After being cooped up at home for weeks & weeks, EVERYONE will want to ESCAPE home for a short break……..& now you can offer them that FREE VICTORIAN HOLIDAY!

One that’s “within driving distance”…..with destinations along the Great Ocean Rd & elsewhere!

So you can offer a 5 Days/4 Nights VIC Drivable Holiday to prospective clients – with multiple destinations options – & the cost to you is $97 per holiday.

Destinations include Melbourne, Apollo Bay, Lakes Entrance, Shepparton, Lorne, Geelong, Ballarat & more!

And YOU have the chance to “taste-test” this jaw-dropping customer incentive promotion to see how well it works for you!


You are one of 10 Victorian businesses we are making this “taste-test invitation” to, where we’ll reduce the minimum quantity of Holidays from 50 to just 30.

If you check out https://funescapes.com.au/vic you’ll see that our regular “minimum quantity” is 50 Holidays @ $97 each ($4,850).

However, as a “Launch Special” of our new “Vic Drive-Away Holidays” offer, we’ll allow you to order just 30 Holidays @ $97 ($2,910).

This “smaller qty deal” is open till 5pm next Monday 31 August – if it’s of interest, visit https://funescapes.com.au/vic  & complete the form & we’ll be in contact quickly.

Keep in mind you STILL get the “other bonus” of FREE Facebook Ad Management for the first month – where our FB Ads expert designs & manages your Facebook ads – to create warm leads for you.

One thing’s for sure – at this present moment, you won’t find a HOTTER “Happy Meal Toy” style incentive to attract customers!!

EVERYONE in Victoria wants to “escape the house” & enjoy a short drivable holiday – & now you can give them one for FREE when they buy from you!

And if you get in by next Monday 31 August, you can grab this “taste-test” smaller qty of 30 Drive-Away Holidays – for a very modest investment of just $97 each.

(Min qty goes back to 50 Holidays on Tuesday)

Check it out at https://funescapes.com.au/vic & fill in the form.

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