Extra Bonus From Last Night’s JD Webinar

Hi ,

Hope you enjoyed my webinar of last night, focused on “rebooting” your business during these tough times.

And if you missed it, here’s the link to watch the replay – we’ll keep it up for 24 hours:


Had some great feedback, so that’s always nice.


During the webinar, I forgot to highlight last night (“Silly Billy” me!) the incredible “extra bonus” of a taste-test of our “Holiday Incentive” promotion.

When any business joins my “1 Month Reboot Program”, we also provide them with 20 FREE FAMILY HOLIDAYS they can use to attract new clients (to destinations like the Gold Coast, Sydney, Brissie & Melbourne – plus Fiji, Bali & other locations).

And because of the current virus climate, these resort holidays can be taken anytime within 24 months of your clients getting their voucher.

We normally provide this 4 to 7 Nights Resort Holiday Incentive to businesses for just $97 per holiday – and businesses use the free holiday as a client attraction tool (sort of like McDonald’s do with the free toy in the Happy Meal box).

We’ve done a quick research study this week, asking people what are the first 2 things they look forward to when lockdowns disappear……and no surprise, the answer was:

1. Enjoying sitting down at a coffee shop or restaurant

2. A short holiday after being cooped up at home for some time!

Check out the FREE HOLIDAY PROGRAM at https://funescapes.com.au/ & you’ll see it’s the “client incentive of all client incentives!”

Our Holiday Incentive Program certainly satisfies the #2 above, so imagine having this in your back pocket when you decide to reboot your business either NOW or once the floodgates open!

OUR “REBOOT YOUR BIZ” MARKETING PLAN OFFER – CHECK https://rebootyourbusiness.com.au

During the webinar, I gave everyone “my direct-response” Client Attraction marketing formula for free – focusing on showing HOW to craft an effective Marketing Plan – mainly focusing on “online tactics” that hardly anyone uses.

(there’s so much money being wasted on Facebook at the moment, simply because many biz owners DON’T know HOW to use it!)

At the end of the webinar, I offered a “done-for-you” Reboot Program, for those who perhaps wanted to move fast.

This is where I have Zoom or phone meetings with you & personally construct your Marketing Plan – in other words, you sit back & let me provide you with the “client attraction roadmap” (that you can launch NOW – or whenever you want to start your “reboot strategy!”)

We were smashed with sign-ups, so it’s clear that most biz owners just want it “done-for-them”…..I get that…..you’re way to busy to do it yourself.

And those who signed up got this Free Holiday Promotion bonus of course – together with the other free bonus of 1 Month’s Facebook Ads Management & Creative……..yep, we certainly “value-added” big time.

If you’d like to check the deal out – see https://rebootyourbusiness.com.au/

Just quickly letting you know this, just in case you were interested in the Reboot Program WITH this out-of-the-box “20 Free Holidays” BONUS worth around $2,000 (ie:20 Holidays @ $97 each)

Remember, “the resort family holidays” can be taken any time over 24 months, so can you imagine the attraction of offering this bonus to anyone who buys your products or services now – or whenever the lockdowns disappear.

In other words, imagine having this sort of customer incentive to offer – as opposed to having to price discount!

So The Rather Insane Offer Is:

  • Get a personally designed Marketing Plan & Zoom Calls with me – the plan comes within 10 working days….guaranteed.
  • Get 20 x Free Holidays to use as a “crazy client attraction” incentive
  • Get Free 1 Month’s Facebook Ad Management & Creative
  • Get 12 month’s access to my Wow Central Ideas Online Library – see https://www.wowcentralclub.com/ (worth around $2,400)

And if this deal is of interest, simply email Don Milne at don@theinstituteofwow.com or phone him on 0401 062 868.

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