Free Holiday Promo Webinar – Wed. 25th

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You’re invited to our “HOLIDAY INCENTIVE” webinar next Wednesday 25 March at 6.30pm NSW time (Qld 5.30pm)

Hope you can join both Pat Mesiti & myself, as we showcase how YOUR SALON can grab this knockout sales stimulant “EXCLUSIVELY”.

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(Oh………& you’ll find out on the webinar how the cost of the holiday to you will equal a miniscule % of your revenue!…..We’re talking “tiny!”)

If you were at Pat Mesiti’s Bali presentation, you KNOW how excited everyone was when they got a FREE HOLIDAY!

Yep, when Pat decided to “gift” everyone with a Free Holiday, the room went nuts!

So you already KNOW the effect a Free Holiday can have on everyone.

And if ever there was a time to avoid the temptation to “price-discount” & instead, “VALUE-ADD”……..IT’S NOW!!!

It’s your chance to excite your prospects & clients in exactly the same way as Pat did at the Bali event – get them to spend MORE with you via the lure of a FREE HOLIDAY!

And in this 40 min short webinar, I’ll show you HOW this incredible “client-attraction” packaged promotion can work for your salon.

It’s really simple – when your customer reaches a certain “spend level”, you give them a FREE 5 Day/4 Nights Resort Holiday at the Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane – or 7 nights at idyllic overseas destinations if they want to go after this Coronavirus has subsided.

It’s next Wednesday 25 March at 6.30pm NSW time (Qld 5.30pm)

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Learn How This Sales Juggernaut Can Catapult Sales For Your Salon.

I’ll explain HOW you can run this jaw-dropping promo to build loyalty & smash sales records for your salon.

You might like to crazily boost cashflow & give away the holiday when someone “pre-pays” 3 or 4 salon visits upfront (ie: Pre-pay $1,000 upfront for your next 4 visits & get a Free Holiday right now!)

Or you might like to reward clients with 1 Point for every $100 they spend – & when they reach 10 Points, they get their Free Holiday!

Either way, get ready for your cashflow to get a stunning lift!

Oh, & I’ll also explain that you get “postcode exclusivity” with this packaged promotion – so say goodbye to your competitors, they can’t compete!

If ever there’s a “game-changer” webinar you should NOT miss, it’s THIS ONE!!

It’s next Wednesday 25 March at 6.30pm NSW time (Qld 5.30pm)

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See you Wednesday!

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