Get Bounce-Back Promotion – Don’t Pay Now

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Tough times at the moment – we all know that……but here’s a “freebie” that might give your business a gigantic “kick-start” when the gates get opened.

We’ve been actually surprised at the amount of biz owners who are “going onto the front foot with our promotion & preparing for rebooting their business the moment the lockdowns are lifted”.

Let’s face it, the very second after restrictions are eased, you want to “hit the ground running” – & when most of your competitors are “price-discounting”, you want to be “VALUE-ADDING”.

Prepare For Your Reboot With Our Holiday Program – & Pay Nothing For 3 Months:

Don’t need to be Einstein to know that the most sought-after thing people will want AS SOON AS THE LOCKDOWNS FINISH…….will be a short break away from home!

So when it comes to a crazy “customer incentive” when the gates get opened again, you won’t find ANYTHING that has the lure of our 4 Night Resort Holiday in Brissie, Sydney, Gold Coast & Melbourne – that costs you $97.

Imagine “hitting the ground running” with an incentive “freebie” like this (ie: “Buy Your Product Or Service & Get A Free Family Resort Holiday”)………your under-prepared competitors should be left in the dark.

After being cooped-up at home for some time, it’s logical that 99% of people will crave for a break – & you can offer them one for FREE at a 4 Star TripAdvisor rated resort – when they buy from you!

We’ve spoken with our international travel partner & due to the current situation, they’ve agreed to allow us to offer a limited time bonus of “30 x Extra Free Holidays With Every Purchase Of 30”.

Which means you get 60 Holidays when you buy 30 Holidays……..this deal is open till 5pm this Thursday 2 April.

And you don’t need to pay a cent now – you can grab this deal whilst it’s available & simply use our finance partner, Moula – & pay absolutely NOTHING for 3 months.

Yep, you read that correctly – get the finance now from Moula & your first repayment is after 3 months.

If you repay the loan amount within 3 months, YOU PAY ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST!

Yep, “it’s virtually FREE MONEY!” (*subject to getting approval of course)

Finance approval normally happens within 24 – 48 hours.

Have a look at the table below…….& you’ll see WHY this “Special Offer” till 5pm this Thursday 2 April IS SO “SPECIAL!”


To get this “one-off” finance & extra 30 Holidays deal, simply give me a call on 0401 062 868 or email me at

I’ll answer any questions you have – but the offer is based on you having your Finance Application in by 5pm this Thursday 2 April.

Hope this is some good news for you – the opportunity to quickly grab an “INCENTIVE” that every man & his dog will want as soon as the lockdowns are eased……& pay NOTHING now.

I’d challenge anyone to find a “reboot” promotional offer that comes anywhere near this.


Don Milne

The Institute Of Wow
P.O Box 1227
Oxenford 4210
 0401 062 868