Great Response To Monday Webinar!

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Looks like lots of biz owners on my list are pretty anxious to discover the secrets of “incentive-based marketing” – as my webinar next Monday 24 August at 7pm has had an overwhelming response.

 Our registrations already have exceeded expectations.

If you’re a business owner, it’s likely that the Coronavirus issue has negatively affected your revenue. 

So I highly recommend that you join me next Monday 24 August at 7pm for a free “live webinar” focusing on a jaw-dropping NEW “incentive-based” promotional concept that is “DOUBLING REVENUE” for businesses.

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It’s an opportunity for you to learn HOW your business can bounce back FAST from this tough period.

Solar Company DOUBLES Revenue In 4 Weeks With This Idea 

You’ll see one biz owner (a solar company) explain HOW this concept made an overwhelming positive difference to his business. 

The Solar Company owner says “We found ourselves in a sea of sameness – after all, most homeowners see solar panels as being the same no matter what we might say. However, when the homeowner would indicate to me that they had 4 quotes, I’d simply offer my unique incentive if they chose ME by 5pm………..& my conversion rate skyrocketed from 45% to 88% INSTANTLY. This effectively means that my annual turnover goes from $1.5m to around $3m this year!”

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Think of the free webinar as an opportunity for you to grab “a powerful incentive-formula” that could help you “reboot your business” FAST!.

It’s on next Monday 24 August at 7pm – register now at

See you there! 

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