Great Response To Thurs. Webinar

Hi (name),

Looks like lots of biz owners on my list are pretty anxious to discover the secrets of “incentive-based marketing” – as my webinar day/date/time… next Thursday 15 October at 12 noon & 7pm has had an overwhelming response.

Our registrations already have exceeded expectations…….but you can still grab a seat.

You can register now at link  

My webinar will show you HOW to quickly attract new clients through what we call “incentive-based marketing” – & I’ll be showcasing numerous examples of this – & in particular, a client-attraction incentive that’ll make your head spin!

You’ll see how you could attract an avalanche of new customers by offering a Free Family Holiday At A 4 Star Aussie Resort” when someone buys from you – & the cost to you is an insane $97.

Solar Company DOUBLES Revenue In 4 Weeks With This Idea

Yep, I know you’ve heard all the “quick-fix” claims from various “so-called” business gurus during this lockdown period.

But let me highlight that on the webinar, you’ll witness REAL CASE STUDIES of businesses getting extraordinary results using this “holiday incentive” – one DOUBLING his sales virtually instantly.

The Solar Company owner said “We found ourselves in a sea of sameness – after all, most homeowners see solar panels as being the same no matter what we might say. However, when the homeowner would indicate to me that they had 4 quotes, I’d simply offer my unique incentive if they chose ME by 5pm………..& my conversion rate skyrocketed from 45% to 85% INSTANTLY.”

You can register now at link  

Think of the free webinar as an opportunity for you to grab “a powerful incentive-formula” that could help you “reboot your business” after COVID.

It’s onday/date/time… next Thursday 15 October at 12 noon & 7pm.

Again, you can register now at link  

There’s no plan for a replay, so I hope to see you there!

John Dwyer