Holiday Incentive Breakthrough – Part Payment Available

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Just a short note to show you how you can now get underway with our “Free Holiday Incentive” promotion for an initial payment of just $1,750…..available till 5pm tomorrow.

Don Milne here – you might recall that some time back, you enquired about our “HOLIDAY INCENTIVE” Promotion for your business, where you give clients a Free Aussie Holiday when they buy from you.

So I thought I’d give you some good news – we’ve now been able to create a part-payment option for this jaw-dropping Holiday Incentive Promotion – available for a limited time!

You pay just $1,750 to get underway with this record-breaking customer attraction.

See details at

(Remember, you get a 5 Days/4 Nights Luxury Aussie Holiday for just $97 & use this as a massive “client-attraction” drawcard!)

Your clients can choose from the likes of Port Douglas, Cairns, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth & more.

If you’d like to discuss, give me a call on 0401 062 868……because as you’ll see below, we’re also throwing in 20 extra Holidays for FREE.


We’ve had many business owners ask if we could create a “monthly payment option” for the minimum order of 50 Holidays – simply because this would assist them “cashflow-wise”.

So we’re trialling this for a small number of businesses.

This means that you can now get 50 Holidays & pay in 3 monthly instalments of $1,750 – making it affordable & “cashflow-friendly” for just about every biz owner.

We’re testing this with a small number of businesses & if you’d like to grab the opportunity, just jump onboard by 5pm TOMORROW, Tuesday 21 July.

All details of the Holiday Incentive “part-payment” option are at

Oh….one more thing……what do you think is the “hottest possible customer incentive” at the moment, given everyone wants to escape from home?

Yep, understandably A HOLIDAY – as everyone wants to GET AWAY!! (& your customers have 24 MONTHS TO TRAVEL!)

If you’d like to refresh on the actual “Holiday Incentive Promotion”, just check out

And if you want to see “the NEW instalment payment” option for payment, simply go to

This “part-payment option” is available till 5pm TOMORROW, Tuesday 21 July.

And we’ll also throw in an extra 20 Holidays for FREE, so you’d get 70 Holidays for the price of 50 – effectively meaning you’d be paying just $69 per Holiday.

If you’d like to have a chat about this, give me a call on 0401 062 868 or email me at


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