Holiday Incentive Promo Breaks Records

Hi ,

Our “Free Holiday” promotional incentive ( has broken revenue records for both us & biz owners – so I thought I’d shoot you this quick email.


Well, firstly because you enquired about the promotional package a little while back.

And secondly, because we have a very Special Offer available till Midnight Sunday 8 March – where we’ll provide an extra 20 Holidays FREE of charge when you purchase our 50 minimum quantity.

It’s a deal we put together for the first week of March – & it means that effectively the Bali, Phuket & Fiji Holidays reduce from $97 each to about $69 each – holidays you can use to attract an avalanche of new customers.

So I thought I may as well let you know this in case you were interested in “grabbing the promo” before this “Special Deal” comes to a close.

Incidentally, we’ve just added a number of video testimonials to page – so you might like to have a quick look – one Solar company has DOUBLED its sales in 8 weeks of running the offer.

And I’ve shown a sample FB ad for a client (below) – & you can see the Landing Page people go to when they click the ad – at

(This is all done for you if you come onboard via “the deal” we have below)

As you’ll see on the website, the current minimum order is 50 x Holidays.

But if you order 50 x Holidays (ie: 50 x $97 = $4,850) before Midnight Sunday 8 March, we’ll ADD 20 EXTRA HOLIDAYS FOR FREE.

(So that’s almost $2,000 worth of additional Holidays at no charge – when you order 50 x Holidays)

That means “if you buy 50 x Holidays, YOU GET 70 x Holidays………which effectively means the Luxury Holidays are just around $69 each.
Simply order ONLINE at & use the Wow Bonus Code of DON20FB.
AND……..if you order by the “Offer Deadline”, we will also help you launch this juggernaut promotion by providing you with 1 MONTH’S COMPLIMENTARY FACEBOOK AD MANAGEMENT!
In other words, we are going to give you FREE Facebook ad creation & strategy for the first month of your “Holiday Promotion”, where you get direct personalised service from “our” Facebook Ads GURU!

So effectively, we’re handing over “our FB secret weapon”………the genius strategist who GETS US LEADS with innovative, cutting edge “social media” advertising campaigns!

He’ll provide you with:

a. Your ad……all done for you – your copy, graphics, suggested offer.

b. Your Landing Page – where traffic from your ad goes (to see MORE about your offer)

c. Complete management & reporting on your campaign results & ongoing suggestions/liaison throughout the month.

Of course, you need to determine your “daily budget” & pay Facebook for your ads…….but we’re throwing in the part that’s normally “super expensive” & hard to find……..CLEVER FACEBOOK AD CREATIVE & MANAGEMENT…….for a whole month!
But again, this “Special Offer” of BONUS HOLIDAYS & the FACEBOOK EXPERT for 1 month is ONLY AVAILABLE if you order by Midnight Sunday 8 March. 

Hope you can grab this “client attraction juggernaut” before the minimum quantity goes up!


Don Milne

The Institute Of Wow
P.O Box 1227
Oxenford 4210
 0401 062 868