“How To Choose The Right Person For The Job” – Video Link

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No doubt you’ve heard the “square peg in a round hole” analogy.

Disney has an envious reputation for finding ‘the right person for the right role’ because the company has “a formula” for hiring.

In this video training, John & JD take you on a journey of “Disney-style recruitment” – where you’ll learn HOW Disney “gets it right” most of the time.

As you know, having “THE RIGHT PEOPLE” is paramount for any business – so you need to know “HOW” to select “the winners”.

In this video training, you’ll discover ‘the secret system’ that you can employ in YOUR business – to help you find the right team-members.

Here’s the link to the Video Training –http://members.wowmagicformula.com/members/right-person-right-role/

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Jason Smith
Client Service Manager