“How To Create A Website That Sells” – Video Link

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Bet you’ve heard lots of “horror stories” about how long it takes to get a website built!

It doesn’t have to be that way – & in this video, you’ll learn from John & JD “HOW” to speed up the process & HOW to build a website that SELLS.

You don’t want an “information-heavy” website – you want one that keeps visitors “sticky”……& makes SALES!

In this video training, John & JD will show you the components you NEED in order to make your website “the 24/7 Sales Machine” it SHOULD be!

So if you want to FIX your non-performing website, you’re going to love the tutoring from these two marketing mavericks!

Here’s the link to the Video Training –http://members.wowmagicformula.com/members/websites/

Hope you enjoy!


Jason Smith
Client Service Manager