“How To Stimulate Repeat Business” – Video Link

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You don’t want a customer ONCE……you want a customer to come back repetitively.

And the best way to do that is to create a “loyalty-type” program, where customers enjoy “rewards” for their loyalty!

In other words, you want a formula to “make your customers or clients STICKY”.

You DON’T want them to “jump ship” because they see a Groupon Deal down the road or online.

You want your customers to remain loyal to your business.

In this video, both Johns show you “the formula” & case studies – so that you can swipe the concept & start using it for your products or services immediately!!

If you don’t currently have a “continuity program”, we bet you’ll be starting one soon after you watch this video training!

Here’s the link to the Video Training –http://members.wowmagicformula.com/members/repetitive-trade/

Hope you enjoy!


Jason Smith
Client Service Manager