Insane Xmas Sales Drawcard

Subject: Insane Xmas Sales Drawcard

Hi (name),

Can you imagine the IMPACT a “Free Holiday Gift” would have upon your prospective clients this side of Christmas.

YOU would give customers a FREE AUSSIE HOLIDAY valued up to $1,200 when they spend a certain amount with you……….& the luxury Holiday costs you JUST $97.

Here’s an invitation to an invaluable webinar on (date) at either 12 noon or 7pm – being hosted by John Dwyer, regarded as Australia’s #1 marketing expert.

You can get more details & register now at

You’re a business owner & you KNOW that this upcoming pre-Christmas period is the absolute best time to stimulate your revenue.

And the best way to skyrocket sales is NOT by “price-discounting”…….but rather by offering a stunning INCENTIVE.

So if you’d like to bounce back fast from COVID, I highly recommend that you join a colleague of mine, marketing guru, John Dwyer, on (DATE) at either 12 noon or 7pm for a free “webinar” showcasing “INCENTIVE-BASED” marketing secrets.

John is a renowned marketing advisor to the likes of News Ltd, Westfield, 7 Eleven, Woolworths, Channel 9 & KFC – these “big guns” happily paying him a small fortune to advise them on “customer-attraction” incentives.

You’re going to get access to his marketing wisdom for FREE…..& in particular, his latest client-attraction concept that is regarded by many as “easily the best sales stimulant ever devised”.

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This idea is a client-attraction incentive that’ll make your head spin!

You’ll see how you can offer your clients a jaw-dropping “Holiday Incentive” that has proven to “DOUBLE” revenue for businesses – & you’ll SEE examples of this during the webinar.

This “holiday incentive” has been a “game-changer” for many businesses… hopefully you can make it (DATE) at either 12 noon or 7pm.

There’s no timeshare presentation or silly hoops people need to jump through – John can provide this extraordinary “$97 Holiday Deal” because his company has access to unsold hotel rooms.

Trust me, you won’t get the chance to access a “Christmas marketing initiative” like this one very often – so hopefully you can make it.

It’s a rare chance to benefit from this marketing guru’s wisdom – the webinar is on (DATE) at either 12 noon or 7pm.

You can get more details & register now at