June 30 Holiday Promo Deal

Hi ,

Recently you made an enquiry about our Fuel Discount client-attraction promotion, but didn’t end up moving forward with it.

So given June 30 is tomorrow, I just thought I’d give you the opportunity to consider grabbing another dynamic customer drawcard, our Holiday Incentive Promotion, for effectively HALF THE NORMAL PRICE.

(The Fuel Savings concept is only one of numerous “customer-attraction” promotional packages we have)

So if you’re interested in scoring a powerful “client-attraction promotion” & being able to write it off as a 2019/20 tax deduction, you might like to visit https://funescapes.com.au/30hols now.

Because we have a handful of June 30 Special Deals available – open till 5pm tomorrow (Tuesday June 30) or until the available promotional packages have gone.


Firstly, what do you think would be the #1 WANT of just about every Australian at the moment, after being cooped-up at home for months?

Yep, a HOLIDAY……& you can see how YOUR BUSINESS can score a 5 Days/4 Nights Luxury Aussie Family Holiday for just $97 at https://funescapes.com.au/

So this is your opportunity to grab an incredible Family Aussie Holiday & use it as a “free giveaway bonus” to lure clients to buy from you.

But here’s the REALLY GOOD PART.

Instead of our normal “minimum quantity of 50 Holidays at $97 each” (as seen on https://funescapes.com.au/ ), we’ve received permission from our International Travel Partner to offer a limited quantity of packages with a “minimum quantity of just 30 Holidays”.

So that means you can buy “just 30 Holidays” instead of the regular minimum qty of 50.

But it gets better…….WAY better!

If you’re fast & get in before they go, we’ll ADD ANOTHER 30 HOLIDAYS to your order FREE OF CHARGE.

So that means if you buy 30 Holidays at $97 each ($2,910), we’ll give you 60 Holidays – effectively meaning that you’re getting the Holidays for just $48.50 each!

Yep, you get to offer your customers or clients A FREE FAMILY AUSSIE LUXURY HOLIDAY as an incentive to buy from you – & your cost is just $48.50 for the Holiday.

Shivers, you’d be giving your customers a Free Aussie Holiday that costs you LESS than a Hoyts Movie Gold Double Pass!


Easy peasy – just order at https://funescapes.com.au/30hols & if you’re fast enough, you’ll be able to get the “2 For 1 Deal” if you use the Wow Bonus Code of 30DONFP.

Remember, it’s “first in, first served”, so whilst the deadline for the Special Deal is 5pm tomorrow (June 30), if our allocated number of packages is gone, your Wow Bonus Code won’t activate the deal & your Credit Card won’t be accepted.

If your payment IS accepted, it means you’ll be getting 60 Holidays for the price of 30.

Should you have any questions, give me a quick call or text on 0401 062 868.

I guess you could say it’s our 30/30/30 Deal………Buy 30 – Get An Extra 30 Free – Before 30 June.

Hope you can act fast & get the best “June 30 tax-deduction” of the financial year!

This email has gone to yourself & over 100 other previous enquirers, so it’s definitely “first in, first served”.

Don Milne

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