Probably The Best Incentive Ever

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Just a quick reminder about tomorrow night’s “live webinar” where I’ll be showcasing a BRAND NEW “client attraction” marketing formula that’s getting HUGE results for businesses..

That’s tomorrow – Monday 24 August at 7pm

My recommendation to biz owners in this “crazy discount-laden world” is to use clever “incentive-based marketing” tactics to attract clients – & I’ll be showcasing numerous examples of this.

And one idea in particular is a client-attraction incentive that’ll make your head spin!

You can register now at

It’s an opportunity for you to learn HOW your business can bounce back FAST from this tough period. 

You’ll see how you can offer your clients a jaw-dropping incentive that has proven to “DOUBLE” revenue for businesses – & you’ll SEE examples of this on the night during the webinar.

Yeah, yeah…..I know you’ve heard all this before, so if you decide to watch Neighbours on TV instead, I’ll understand.

But……you’ll be missing out on learning about an “incentive” that has been a “game-changer” for many businesses…..your call…..& there WON’T be a replay.

I Know You’ve Heard All The “Quick-Fix” Remedies  

Yep, I know you’ve heard all the “quick-fix” claims from various “so-called” business gurus during the recent lockdown period.

But although “humility” is my middle name (stop laughing!!), my track record is reasonably impressive – with big guns such as News Ltd, McDonalds, Westfield, the NRL & Channel 9 gladly paying me a handsome sum to provide them with these ideas.

 Register now at

Think of the free webinar as an opportunity for you to grab “a powerful incentive-formula” that could help you “reboot your business” with a GIANT WOW FACTOR GIVEAWAY that you won’t find anywhere else.

Trust me, you won’t get the chance to access a “marketing initiative” like this one very often – & there’ll NOT be any replay.

It’s on next Monday 24 August at 7pm – register now at

See you there! 

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