“Reboot Your Biz” Idea Webinar

Hi ,

If you’re looking for that “silver-bullet” idea to reboot sales after the last few tough months, you might like to register for a very special webinar I’m hosting next Monday 24 August at 7pm.

You’ll see a “direct-response” advertising formula that has DOUBLED sales for businesses.

Given that you’re probably a business owner, it’s likely that the COVID-19 issue has negatively affected your revenue. 

So I highly recommend that you join me next Monday 24 August at 7pm for this free “live webinar” where I’ll be showcasing an “incentive-based” concept that I believe is a potential “game-changer” for ANY business..

You can register now at https://thebusinessreboot.com.au/

It’s an opportunity for you to learn HOW your business can bounce back FAST from this tough period. 

You’ll see how you can offer your clients a jaw-dropping incentive that makes Macca’s Happy Meal Toy look lame!!

I’ll be showcasing numerous examples of this concept – you’ll see how a “solar company” DOUBLED its turnover b\y following this system.

 You’ll See How You Can Reboot Your Revenue Instantly

 Yep, I know you’ve heard all the “quick-fix” claims from various “so-called” business gurus during the recent lockdown period.

But I’ve been paid by big guns such as News Ltd, McDonalds, Westfield, the NRL & Channel 9 over the years – to deliver stuff like what you’ll see on Monday night.

So with a client list that includes these companies, I trust you’ll acknowledge that the webinar might be worth attending. 

Register now at https://thebusinessreboot.com.au/

Think of the free webinar as an opportunity for you to grab “a powerful incentive-formula” that could help you “reboot your business” FAST & COST-EFFECTIVELY.

 Hey……what have you got to lose?

You won’t get the chance to access a “marketing incentive idea” like this one very often – & there’s NO REPLAY of the webinar planned.

It’s on next Monday 24 August at 7pm – register now at https://thebusinessreboot.com.au/

See you there! 

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