See You On Friday – & Here’s A Free Holiday For You!

Hi ,

Thanks for reserving your seat at my “Holiday Promotion Preview” this Friday, 13 December at 10.30am till noon.

And to give you a taste of the “huge impact” a FREE HOLIDAY has on people, PLEASE FIND ATTACHED A FREE BALI/FIJI/GOLD COAST HOLIDAY VOUCHER  for yourself!!

No tricks, no contest, simply bring a print-out of the attached Voucher on Friday & we’ll exchange a “live” Holiday Voucher for it, that’ll entitle you to enjoy an absolute FREE HOLIDAY in your choice of idyllic destinations like Fiji, Bali, Phuket, Koh Samui & the Gold Coast!

Now I reckon that’s “putting my money where my mouth is!!”

Simply turn up & you get a Free Holiday! (needless to say, I believe in the power of “taste-testing!”)

If that “freebie” of a luxury vacation just gave you an adrenaline rush, imagine what it could do for YOUR BUSINESS – if you offered your prospective clients such an incredible incentive for doing business with you!

Look forward to meeting you & showcasing my brand new “customer drawcard promotion” – where you can offer your customers a FREE HOLIDAY in return for them buying your products or services.

And the cost of each Holiday to you IS JUST $97!!


Friday’s Morning Tea is at Novotel Brighton Beach Hotel, Cnr Grand Pde & Princess St, Brighton-Le-Sands, starting at 10.30am.

In the meantime, if you’d like to check out the promotion, there’s more info at

See you Friday morning at 10.30am.



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