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Thanks for your enquiry regarding our Fun Escapes Holiday Incentive promotion for your business.

Don Milne from our office looks forward to speaking with you at the time you’ve booked on our Calendar Booking System.

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Before your call, may I recommend that you check out more details of the promotion at

You’ll find this website very helpful, as it details all of the components of the Holiday Incentive, including the FAQs & Terms.

There’s even a page that has countless “explainer videos” showing you HOW the promotion can work for various “business-types” – see

If you get the chance to check out this site, I can assure you it’ll make your call with Don more valuable, as you’ll already understand HOW the concept can boost your sales.

And if you need to talk to Don even “before” your scheduled call, his number is 0401 062 868.


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