VIC “Drive-Away” Holidays Red-Hot Incentive

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Ready to “hit the ground running” when the lockdown finishes in a couple of weeks?

Here’s some good news if you’d like to be ready to BOUNCE BACK fast!

You enquired a while back about our Holiday Incentive “client-attraction” promotion – so I figured you’d be interested in this!

We’ve now added LOTS of “NEW” drivable VICTORIAN destinations to the Free Holiday Offer – so you can give your clients a “Drive-Away Family Holiday” as a bonus for buying from you!

Check it out at

With the Victorian “lockdown restrictions” being lifted in coming weeks, what do you think would be the HOTTEST POSSIBLE incentive you could offer anyone for buying from you?

Yep, a “Drive-Away Victorian Family Holiday!”

And all the hotels are 4 Star Tripadvisor rated.

After being cooped up at home for weeks & weeks, EVERYONE will want to ESCAPE home for a short break……..& now you can offer them that FREE VICTORIAN HOLIDAY!

One that’s “within driving distance”…..with destinations along the Great Ocean Rd & elsewhere!

So you can offer a 5 Days/4 Nights VIC Drivable Holiday to prospective clients – with multiple destinations options – & the cost to you is $97 per holiday.

Destinations include Melbourne, Apollo Bay, Lakes Entrance, Shepparton, Lorne, Geelong, Ballarat & more!

And YOU have the chance to “taste-test” this jaw-dropping customer incentive promotion to see how well it works for you!


You are one of 10 Victorian businesses we are making this “taste-test invitation” to, where we’ll reduce the minimum quantity of Holidays from 50 to just 30.

If you check out you’ll see that our regular “minimum quantity” is 50 Holidays @ $97 each ($4,850).

However, as a “Launch Special” of our new “Vic Drive-Away Holidays” offer, we’ll allow you to order just 30 Holidays @ $97 ($2,910).

This “smaller qty deal” is open till 5pm next Monday 31 August – if it’s of interest, visit  & complete the form & we’ll be in contact quickly.

Keep in mind you STILL get the “other bonus” of FREE Facebook Ad Management for the first month – where our FB Ads expert designs & manages your Facebook ads – to create warm leads for you.

One thing’s for sure – at this present moment, you won’t find a HOTTER “Happy Meal Toy” style incentive to attract customers!!

EVERYONE in Victoria wants to “escape the house” & enjoy a short drivable holiday – & now you can give them one for FREE when they buy from you!

And if you get in by next Monday 31 August, you can grab this “taste-test” smaller qty of 30 Drive-Away Holidays – for a very modest investment of just $97 each.

(Min qty goes back to 50 Holidays on Tuesday)

Check it out at & fill in the form.

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