Week 11 Wow Manifesto Training

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If you’re investing money in social media advertising, you’re going to love this week’s training which is all about exploiting this “lead-generation machine.” 

Too many business owners are using the likes of Facebook advertising in a similar way to how they would approach press, radio or TV marketing – and that’s not the answer. 

The likes of Facebook and Instagram have now provided us with the most laser-targeted form of advertising the world has ever seen – so it’s an incredible opportunity for you to reach your market cost-effectively. 

In this training, I show you my “2 Step Sell Formula”. 

You’ll see that the first step is collecting the data and the second step is then to sell! 

To access this video training, simply go to members.wowmanifesto.com and login. 

Then click on the corresponding week as you will now have access to it.  


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John Dwyer