Week 12 Wow Manifesto Training

Hi , 

Chances are you may not currently have a Marketing Plan for your products or services. 

Don’t feel too bad, as 90% of small to medium size businesses don’t have such a plan. 

But I’m guessing you know that you should have a marketing roadmap and therefore this training will be very helpful to you in putting one together.

This is the final module of my 12 Week Wow Manifesto Program and culminates with me showing you how to put together a measurable Marketing Plan that you can tweak as you “test and measure.” 

The idea is for you to put together a 90 Day Marketing Plan and continue to monitor the results of your various campaigns, so that you can continually fine-tune and improve your strategies. 

To access this video training, simply go to members.wowmanifesto.com and login. Then click on the corresponding week as you will now have access to it. 

Thanks so much for being a member of my Wow Manifesto Program and if you’ve found this 3-month training exercise to be valuable, you might care to contact us regarding our Private Coaching Program called “The Wow Masterclass”. 

It’s an environment where you get to liaise with me “personally” and I assist you to build your business to the next level over 12 months. 

If this is of interest, contact Jodie at my office on 07 55 919 566 or email us at info@theinstituteofwow.com

All the very best for your business. 

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John Dwyer