Welcome To My “Reboot Program”

Hi ,

Welcome to my “Reboot Your Business” program – I look forward to working with you to create a Marketing Plan that’ll help build sales for you!

Here’s the process so that you know how everything works:

  1. Please complete this simple Questionnaire & submit – the link is  https://forms.gle/f5xcVbSV8YdrHApt6

    Your responses will help me get a better understanding of your business & needs.
  2. Upon receiving your completed Questionnaire, my office will schedule a Zoom or phone call with you asap, so I can ask any questions about your business.

    The idea of this call is to help me to clarify any components of your Questionnaire that may not have been clear to me – & also to give you the opportunity to ask any questions.
  3. Then after this call, I’ll get underway with crafting your Marketing Plan – which you’ll get within 10 working days.

    Once you receive the Marketing Plan & digest it, simply contact our office on 07 3622 6413 & schedule your second Zoom or phone call with me!
  4. You can now access Wow Central – my huge “marketing ideas library” – you will receive a separate welcome email with regards to getting started.
  5. And whilst it’s probably best to wait till you receive my Marketing Plan, you can now contact Mitch Gibson of https://www.lbdmarketing.com.au/ if you’d like to discuss your Facebook Ad campaign.

    Remember we provide you with Mitch’s services for 1 month free of charge – that’s our BONUS!

    Mitch’s no is 0432 202 458.
  6. And the “extra cool bonus” of 20 x Holiday Accommodation Vouchers FREE OF CHARGE hopefully gets you REALLY EXCITED!

    Because regardless of lockdowns or any travel restrictions at the moment, this Holiday Incentive is still a jaw-dropping customer lure!

    Keep in mind any of your customers who receive a Vacation Voucher have 2 years to take the holiday after they’ve activated the Voucher.

    If you’d like to get an idea HOW you can run the promotion, check out https://funescapes.com.au/

    And you might even find an instructional video that suits YOUR particular business-type – at https://funescapes.com.au/how-to-run/

Again, welcome aboard & I look forward to speaking soon!

John Dwyer

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