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And here’s a FRIDAY FLASH DEAL for your Business!

If you’re hoping to “bounce-back” from COVID’s impact, YOU KNOW the upcoming PRE-CHRISTMAS period is the best possible time to make up lost ground.

Don’t do what your competitors will be doing – “price discounting”………be WILDLY DIFFERENT & offer your clients THE BEST EVER CHRISTMAS GIFT for buying from you……..A FREE 4 NIGHTS AUSSIE HOLIDAY!

A holiday valued up to $1,200……but costs YOU JUST $97.

And if you act fast – you can now “taste-test” this jaw-dropping client Christmas Drawcard with an order of just 30 Holidays instead of 50.

The good news is that our international travel partner has allowed us to have a November PRE-CHRISTMAS FLASH DEAL, where you can grab the promotion with a smaller qty of just 30 Holidays.

But only till 6pm TODAY if you order at

Now Lots Of Aussie Regional Locations

  1. We understand that the HOTTEST possible incentive right now is a Free Holiday – EVERYONE wants to escape the house & enjoy a short break.

    So we’ve added lots of “regional drivable locations” across Australia, the likes of Port Macquarie, Byron Bay, Qld’s Sunshine Coast, Rockhampton, Airlie Beach, Cairns, Port Douglas, Victoria’s Great Ocean Road…..& more!

    See all the details & destinations at ….we’ve NOW just added destinations in New Zealand too!
  2. These “30 Qty Holiday Packages” are only available till 6PM TODAY – & you can grab this sensational “Christmas Customer Drawcard” for 30 x $97 = $2,910.

This “smaller quantity” deal will finish at 6pm TODAY, so you can order now at

You can market the Free Holiday as “THE WORLD’S BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT”…….& say goodbye to your competitors, as they won’t ever be able to match this!

So if you want to boost your Christmas trade, get in before 6pm TODAY.

If you have any questions, call our Client Service Manager, Don Milne on 0401 062 868.

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