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Yesterday’s “Incentive-Based Marketing” WEBINAR broke records.

Looks like lots of biz owners on my list are pretty anxious to discover the secrets of “incentive-based marketing” – as my webinar yesterday had an overwhelming response.

So we’re keeping a REPLAY up for 24 hours…….so watch it INSTANTLY right now at

And the good news is that it goes for only 58 mins………& there’s NO SELL……just all valuable “direct-response” tactics you can swipe & use.

The idea is that if you like what you see, you’ll know where to come for help if you need it in the future!

Given the COVID interruptions, many biz owners are reverting to “PRICE-DISCOUNTING” at this time of the year……..A BIG MISTAKE.

On this webinar, I actually show you a better way – ie: “PROVIDE YOUR CLIENTS WITH AN INCENTIVE”…… that actually TAKES THEIR EYES OFF THE PRICE!

The REPLAY is up for 24 HOURS, so if you’d like to grab these “sales stimulating ideas” for your business, WATCH IT RIGHT NOW AT

There’s no waiting – you can watch this WEBINAR REPLAY instantly…..& see lots of jaw-dropping Case Studies.

Solar Company DOUBLES Revenue In 4 Weeks With This Concept: 

You’ll see one biz owner (a solar company) explain HOW an “incentive-based” marketing campaign made a stunning difference to his business. 

The Solar Company owner says “We found ourselves in a sea of sameness – after all, most homeowners see solar panels as being the same no matter what we might say. However, when the homeowner would indicate to me that they had 4 quotes, I’d simply offer my Free incentive if they chose ME by 5pm………..& my conversion rate skyrocketed from 45% to 88% INSTANTLY. This effectively means that my annual turnover goes from $1.5m to around $3m this year!”

I call it “The Happy Meal Toy Phenomena”…….& YOU can swipe the formula & use it to boost Christmas sales……or to launch 2021 with a bang!

Amazon uses this tactic, so does Kellogg’s & Harvey Norman…….NOW IT’S YOUR CHANCE to swipe the “proven recipe” for skyrocketing revenue FAST.

WATCH THE WEBINAR “INSTANTLY” RIGHT NOW AT   (It’s just 58 mins in length)




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