World’s Biggest Sales Booster

Subject: World’s Biggest Sales Booster

 Hi (name), 

Looks like lots of biz owners on my list are pretty anxious to discover the secrets of “incentive-based marketing” – as my webinar with John Dwyer, tomorrow, (DATE) at either 12 noon or 7pm has had an overwhelming response.

You can get more details & register now at

Our registrations already have exceeded expectations.

My special guest is “the INCENTIVE MARKETING expert”, John Dwyer – who has a reputation for helping businesses explode revenue through “offering compelling incentives”.

And wait till you see THIS ONE!!

If you’re a business owner, it’s likely that the COVID issue has negatively affected your revenue. 

On this “live webinar”, John will focus on a jaw-dropping NEW “incentive-based” promotional concept that’s “DOUBLING REVENUE” for businesses.

It involves businesses escaping the nasty “price-discounting” game…..& instead, offering clients a Free Aussie Holiday with a purchase or purchases.

You can attend tomorrow, (DATE) at either 12 noon or 7pm.

You can get more details & register now at

Learn HOW your business can bounce back FAST from this tough virus period…..& let’s face it, the pre-Christmas period is the best time to make up for lost ground due to COVID!

The concept is very simple, yet “jaw-dropping” – give your clients a FREE AUSSIE HOLIDAY (valued up to $1,200) when they buy from you……….& the holiday costs you just $97.

Solar Company DOUBLES Revenue In 4 Weeks With This Idea: 

You’ll see one biz owner (a solar company) explain HOW this concept made a stunning positive difference to his business. 

The Solar Company owner says “We found ourselves in a sea of sameness – after all, most homeowners see solar panels as being the same no matter what we might say. However, when the homeowner would indicate to me that they had 4 quotes, I’d simply offer my Free Holiday incentive if they chose ME by 5pm………..& my conversion rate skyrocketed from 45% to 88% INSTANTLY. This effectively means that my annual turnover goes from $1.5m to around $3m this year!”

Think of this free webinar as an opportunity for you to grab “a powerful incentive-formula” that could help you “reboot your business” FAST – even before Christmas!

It’s on tomorrow, (DATE) & you can choose either 12 noon or 7pm.

You can get more details & register now at

It won’t be replayed, so this is your one-time chance to see a “game-changer” in terms of “client-attraction” tactics.