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Whilst our webpage at provides you with a good overview, we appreciate you might have some questions.


Because of the appeal of this “customer attraction juggernaut”, we felt the fairest way of making the promotional package available is via licenses that have “2 postcodes’ exclusivity for 3 months”.

Hence why we asked you to indicate your preferred 2 postcodes when you filled in the Enquiry Form.

At the moment, our Facebook advertising campaign is targeted at your industry specifically in your area – & we are selling the package on a “first in, first served basis”.

In other words, it’s either you or one of your competitors who will get this “sales advantage” EXCLUSIVELY – as our social media ads are laser targeted at businesses in your industry in your area – & will run until we’ve licensed all your local postcodes.

Our “Holiday Incentive” license is based on a minimum order of 50 Holidays @ $97 each ($4,850)  – that come with a 3 month & 2 postcode exclusivity promise, effectively locking out any other competitors in your area.

So if you act fast, it’s YOURS……..& ONLY YOURS, with you enjoying the comfort of this “exclusivity advantage”.

Look forward to hopefully helping you grab “exclusivity” of this unique sales juggernaut.

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Oh…….but if you don’t want to risk allowing your competitor to sneak in ahead of you, just give our Sales Manager, Don Milne, a call right now on 0401 062 868.

After all, “the early bird catches the worm!” 


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