Get Just 30 Holidays – & No Payment For 3 Months

Hi ,

With all the virus distractions at the moment, here’s some GOOD NEWS for you – a “FLASH DEAL” sort of offer for our Aussie Locations Holiday Incentive Promo! (Gold Coast, Sydney, Melb & Brissie)

(We’re making a “smaller qty” of Holidays available for the next 24 hours or so – if interested, email me at )

We KNOW you’ve racking your brain trying to think of “an incentive” to get more leads or convert more sales at the moment – & you KNOW that “price-discounting” is NOT the best option.

The only sensible option at the moment is to “VALUE-ADD”…….& prepare for when hopefully “normality” returns & all your competitors are looking for “an edge!”

We’ve been inundated with enquiries from entrepreneurial biz owners asking if they can possibly get a smaller quantity of our Aussie Holidays at $97 – rather than our standard minimum of 50.

Why? Because they want a promotional idea that can ATTRACT NEW CLIENTS, but understandably, cashflow for them might be a bit tight at present.

So I’ve convinced management to help out with a “one-time” deal.

Get The Smaller Qty Of 30 Holidays & Get 15 Extra FREE!

  • Till 5pm tomorrow, Friday (20th) – instead of our regular “50 min qty”, you can now get 30 Holidays for $97 each ($2,910 total).

    AND…….buggar it, we’ll throw in an extra 15 Holidays for FREE – which means you’re effectively getting each Holiday for about $64.

    But strictly for orders made before 5pm tomorrow (Friday 20th March).
  • And this “FLASH DEAL” still includes the FREE Facebook Ad Management bonus – where we provide you with our gun FB advert specialist FOR FREE.

    He’ll craft your FB ads & Landing Pages & manage your first month’s campaign – at no charge – all you need to do is pay Facebook for the advertising.

    (So all the “normally expensive stuff” is done-for-you at no charge – see samples of ads & Landing Pages at

    It gets better – we can now also provide finance through Moula Pay – so you don’t even need to find the $2,910 upfront!

    Moula can provide the $$$ within 24 hours (if approved of course) & that means that you could be using a Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane Holiday Incentive almost instantly without paying a cent now!

    And when things return to normal (hopefully in weeks), keep in mind the overseas locations like Bali, Phuket & Fiji will come back into the equation…….as we have 5 x idyllic overseas locations as well as the Aussie ones.

    With this finance deal, you get to enjoy 3 months with NO REPAYMENT – doesn’t get much better than that.

    So you don’t have to pay a cent now – you can get finance & not make any payment till the 4 month from now.

    And…..if you pay back the entire amount within 3 months, you pay NO INTEREST whatsoever!

    So it’d be FREE MONEY! Seriously, can’t get much better than that!

What To Do If You Want To Grab This Deal Whilst It Lasts:

If you’d like to quickly snap up this once-only “FLASH DEAL”,  simply email me at & let me know:

  1. If you don’t need the finance deal
  2. You’d like to take advantage of the Moula Finance option

I’ll immediately get back to you & get things underway.

Remember, we have 4 x great Aussie Holiday locations for any of your customers to enjoy in the short term – Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane.

All 4 Star TripAdvisor rated resorts… can see samples at

And once this virus thing is out of the way, your customers can of course choose from the likes of Bali, Fiji & Vanuatu etc.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you know that NOW’S the time to be “offering a WOW factor”……& also preparing for prosperity when “normality” returns.

And it doesn’t get better than offering a FREE HOLIDAY to customers who buy from you – one that costs you just $97…….oopps…..make that $64!

Let me know if you’d like to grab our deal – at or phone me on 0401 062 868……before the deadline of 5pm tomorrow (Friday).


Don Milne

The Institute Of Wow
P.O Box 1227
Oxenford 4210
 0401 062 868